Personal agreement

Commodity Exchange Bratislavava provides secure place to settle contracts. After you agree with your client to trade carbon credits, you can use CEB accounts to settle the contract. You will have to credit your account with carbon credits, and other party will have to credit it with money. Then you will create non contract transaction of credits and money and with the agreement with other party it will be fullfilled within the seconds.

Create non contract transaction:

Buy EUA | Sell EUA
Buy sEUA | Sell sEUA
Buy CER | Sell CER
Buy ERU | Sell ERU
Buy AAU | Sell AAU
Buy AAUG | Sell AAUG

Example: My company created OTC contract with other party, or contract outside of the exchange, but we do not trust the other party to fulfill contract. We agreed to use non-contract settlment and delivery process at CEB. If we want to buy carbon credits, I have to send money to the CEB account. After other party credits its carbon account, I will create non-contract transaction. If other party accepts it, in that momeny my CEB carbon credits account will be credited, and my currency account will have money withdrawn.