TOP 10 Arguments why you shold trade through Carbon Place

  1. You are making money - Exchange fee for direct members at the Exchange is set to 0.1 cent per credit. It makes Commodity Exchange Bratislava the cheapest place to trade carbon credits. If you trade less then 200k of credits per year we recommend you to trade through brokerage company. You need just simply choose them, set them the price, and you can trade in this platform on your own.
  2. Zero time delivery and payment - Commodity Exchange Bratislava where each exchange member, or client of the brokerage company has its EUR and carbon accounts. After you credit your carbon account at the Exchange, you can trade with your allowances - you can place a order into the system. In the time, when to orders is possible to pair, the contract is created, and in this time your carbon credits will be moved to the account of buyer, and you will have money on your account. Then you can trade further with your money on your account, or you can withdraw them to your bank account.
  3. Because of the unique account system, you can place orders at any time, even on saturday in the evening or holydays. Liquidity is lower during non trading hours, but trading 24/7 is an option for you.
  4. Variety of commodities - You can trade EUAs, CERs, ERUs, AAUs, or any other carbon credit. If you have special need for custom commodity, just contact us and we will make it possible trading it here.
  5. Variety of order types - You can choose, what is better for you. If you want to use just simple orders, if you want to use auction system, SWAP order, Good till date order, Good today order, Stop loss order, Trailing stop order, Iceberg order, Fill or kill order or All or none order. We have even developed order for market makers to automatically put bids and offers. If you do not see here type of order that you like the most, just contact us and we will create it for you.
  6. Programmic trading - Any trader can create programm, that will trade for him. We use standard by W3C Consortium named Web of Services. If you want us to implement other connection to the platform, provide us the documentation and we will look at it.
  7. Guarantee systems - Direct exchange members has option to trade at guarantee system 1, where they have to have on their account 2% of the money or commodity. After contract is created, they must send residual money or commodity to fullfill the contract. In Guarantee system 2, all orders are fully covered (100%) by money and emissions. If someone does not want to use these systems, he can trade at OTC market, where Exchange does not provide any guarantee. Only contact information are exchanged, and contract parties will make their own way to fullfill the contract.
  8. We also offer you opportunity of clearing your contract that you have created on the other platfor or by your own.
  9. We are listening to you. If you need to create some other contracts, or you want new commodities to be added into the system, or make any improvement, please contact us.
  10. There are many reasons, why you should trade here. If you think that we are missing something, please contact us, and we will work on it. With this platform you can make more money then anywhere else.